Seller advantages

Only Pro-Tech Inspections offers the exclusive PreInspected Greenville Advantage! Learn more below about the how the program works and why you should take advantage of this unique offering today!

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Plan for Success

Sellers have the unique position to take advantage of the home sale process before it even starts. By getting a Pre-Listing inspection you know the items that are likely going to need repair prior to listing. There are several ways this helps you.


Eliminate Inspection Surprises

There are two common reasons the deal falls through once you get a contract. The first is financing which you cannot control. The second is the home inspection.

You have total control over this area and can limit reasons for potential buyers to  back out of the deal. In fact, the current real estate contract has a list of 9 things that are required to be fixed if you are signing what is known as a “Repairs Contract”.

Repairs on Your Terms

 A Pre-Listing inspection allows you to find licensed repair persons and obtain the best pricing and availability or perform repairs you are capable of doing yourself. Once you are under contract, you will be required to use qualified professionals.

Improved Realtor Guidance

Your Realtor can better advise you before listing knowing the things that need repair or attention. They can guide you through those 9 things in the contract, and even offer a list of their trusted professionals who might can help you.

Build Trust

It is common for a Buyer to feel like you are being less than honest or not transparent about your knowledge of the home. Remove that barrier with a third party Pre-Listing Inspection.

Buyer Leads

All Buyer leads that are generated from our yard sign in your front yard are swiftly passed along to your Listing Agent!

Easier Repair Negotiations

Make the process easier by having negotiations streamlined.

Increased Showings

Our marketing along with your Realtors increases the length of marketing, while yard signs increase awareness. A Pre-Inspected home also typically gets more showings due to full disclosure and prior repairs having been made. It represents your home as being well cared for and maintained.

Limit Liability

Ensure your Sellers Disclosure is accurate and up to date, lessening the chance of a Buyer suing you for misrepresentation of the property prior to sale.