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Only Pro-Tech Inspections offers the exclusive PreInspected Greenville Advantage! Learn more below about the how the program works and why you should take advantage of this unique offering today!

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Know Before You Go

Before you ever go see the home, know the condition and learn more about the floor plan, features, and true condition. Of course, you’ve seen the Sellers Disclosure and it looks good – but Seller’s can’t tell you what they don’t know.


Informed Decisions

Buying a home is a big decision. Likely, the single largest investment and financial decision you will ever make. It is your financial future, your haven, where you will raise your kids,  and where you will make memories. Buying a home is emotional – this tool provides better insight and up-front knowledge about the home you are interested in.

Limit Disappointments

You have shown your family and friends the pictures, sent them the online or Zillow listing. Only to find out the home is not what you thought it was. Now you’ve also spent money on inspections and other purchase related costs, only to be disappointed.

Accurate Sellers Disclosure

Since the home has been Pre-Inspected you can rest assured the Seller’s Disclosure is accurate and current. Not the same one they used when they listed the home with another Realtor two years ago. Yes, it happens…

Easier Repair Negotiations

The Seller knows. Their Realtor knows. Now you know. Make the process easier by having negotiations streamlined if not already done!

Speed Offer Time

It is a seller’s market. Multiple offers are happening every day on multiple properties. By purchasing a Pre-Inspected home inspection report, you can speed your offer time and use that knowledge to make a stronger offer than another party.

Low Cost

Probably the least amount of money you will ever spend to gain the amount information the report will provide. We charge a small fee to ensure you are serious about the home, to get some skin in the game if you will. And to weed out random Buyers who are kicking tires and not serious.